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Authentic Beauty Concept Glow Conditioner 250ml

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A bit of research and a few slices of delicious baked goods is all that was needed to discover that as well as tasty, date and cinnamon are the perfect ingredient extracts for this Glow formula, that enhances coloured hair, making it glow in a beautifully natural way.

  • Free from silicones & parabens
  • It's a conditioner for coloured hair
  • It moisturises and preserves coloured hair, promoting a soft and shiny finish

THE SCENT: An ultra-sensual signature based on rich, luminous, spicy, dried fruits, with notes of date and cinnamon flowers. Then the base explodes, revealing an incredible mouth-watering sweetness and a premium feeling with milky woods, vanilla infusion and luxury Tonka.

Date and Cinnamon is known for:
Tonifying and Energising | Firming | Moisturising and Conditioning

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