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Authentic Beauty Concept Amplify Cleanser 300ml

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Green tea, known for its powerful antioxidants, became the starting point when thinking about the Amplify range. The lightweight products combined with a fresh touch of lime are the perfect way to add body and volume to your hair.

  • Free from sulfate surfactants & parabens
  • It's a lightweight cleanser for fine hair
  • It boosts body, volume and leaves the hair soft, yet manageable with a fuller hair feel

THE SCENT: This scent leaves an incredible fresh and natural luxurious feeling thanks to the green lime, mandarin and green tea leaves, sweetened by a premium cloud of iris and a delicate freesia petal scent, warmed-up into an unforgettable soft and sensual woody powdery scent.

Green Tea and Lime is known for:
Regenerating and Hydrating | Antioxidant | Energising and Anti-inflammatory

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